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eModule Description

This module is intended to help participants understand the difference between change – an event – and transition – the process of changing. This process is complex, multi-leveled and experienced in different ways by individuals and communities of faith. By learning how to assess where people are in their transition and by responding in appropriate ways, we foster healthy transitions and promote acceptance of change.

The total time to complete this eModule is about 50 minutes: 21 minutes of video and 30 minutes to complete the Reflections. We recommend that you then engage in a conversation with a group from your community of faith who have taken the module (at least 90 minutes).

You will also automatically be joined to the Transition Forum to chat with others who have enrolled in this eModule. Click the Community menu link and navigate to the Transition eModule Forum to participate.

What You’ll Explore


An overview of the concept of change vs. transition


Reflecting on your own experience of transition


Reflecting on the way your community of faith experiences transition


The role of leadership during periods of transition