Family Systems Theory – The Community of Faith as a System

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eModule Description

Family Systems Theory can help ministry personnel and communities of faith be more self-aware and self-differentiating; to be better equipped to identify those in the community of faith with good leadership skills; and to better recognize and deal with anxiety in the system. This module can help ministry personnel and community of faith leaders gain a better understanding of Family Systems Theory and how to use the theory as church leaders.

The total time to complete this eModule is about 60 minutes: 40 minutes of video and 20 minutes to complete the Reflections. We recommend that you then engage in a conversation with a group from your community of faith who have taken the module (at least 90 minutes).

You will also automatically be joined to the Family Systems Forum to chat with others who have enrolled in this eModule. Click the Community menu link and navigate to the Family Systems eModule Forum to participate.

What You’ll Explore


An overview family systems theory


The application of family systems theory to communities of faith


The importance of self differentiation for leadership


The importance of being a non-anxious presence in the midst of transition and change

If you are planning to engage this eModule with an in-person group, you can download and print these resources ahead of time. Otherwise, you may disregard them for now since the images and worksheets will appear in place as you work through the topics.